Welcome to the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce.

philamchamberFor generations, U.S. business has enjoyed a friendly and beneficial relationship with the Republic of the Philippines. The Philippine American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. has played a key role in that relationship over the last 80 years.

Founded in New York in March of 1920, the Chamber was organized by Dr. H. Parker Willis, Editor for the Journal of Commerce. From this act, Dr. Willis created one of the oldest bilateral Chambers of Commerce in the United States.Since its inception, the Chamber’s mission is to foster and promote trade, commerce and investment, mutual welfare, and other business relations between the United States and the Philippines, and their respective peoples, and to serve those persons and organizations having financial, trade and professional interests in either or both countries.

In this new millennium, the Chamber will continue to organize for its members, a prestigious forum for business executives and individuals who need to keep on top of the latest developments in the Philippines and more importantly, who require the access to the key decision-makers from the public and private sectors from both countries.

If you are a business executive looking to do business with the Philippines, or have significant investments in the Philippines, joining the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce is essential.

The Chamber is unique among U.S. based organizations doing business in today’s global economy. Membership in the Chamber allows you to become a part of an organization that has a strong familiarity with the Philippines available nowhere else. Our focus is strictly U.S.-Philippine relations. Many Chamber members have long standing relationships with the Philippines and; therefore, have extensive knowledge of the country, its people, its politics and its business environment.